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Gap Solutions

This Foundation exists to support its members for life by bridging the gap when assistance cannot be provided through other channels.  We understand firsthand what is required to maintain the resiliency of our heroes and their families.  We provide diverse solutions for those facing hardships through financial support grants, respite...

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Community Presence

To grow and strengthen bonds between our members, we host exceptional events for operators and their families.  These events range from festivals, weekend getaways, and unique family experiences which are more than just a fun time but provide a critical bridge towards building the resolve and resiliency of the community...

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Youth Programs

Our children deserve the utmost gratitude and respect for the sacrifices they make as their parents leave to fight the nation's battles.  Our Warriors miss birthdays, holidays, and so many more memories that can never be recaptured.  We work aggressively to place them into exceptional sporting and educational programs, summer...

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Transition Assistance

We target personnel prior to their separation or retirement to ensure they experience the most professional and effective transition possible through established and vetted programs.  It is critically important that our operators are presented with every opportunity available so that they may achieve the success they deserve following their selfless...

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Request Support

Please allow us 48 hours to review and contact you regarding this request. If you require assistance sooner please contact us direct at 757 656 9769.

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