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How We Support

We clear the path for our operators and their families by providing the tools necessary to overcome any challenges they may face, and let them know they are never alone in the fight!

Navy EOD Wounded Warrior Taylor Morris

Gap Solutions

We serve as a gap solution, particularly for our Gold star and wounded warrior families who may be experiencing financial hardships or have been unable to acquire assistance through other support channels.

Photo: Navy EOD Wounded Warrior Taylor Morris

Gold Star Wife Kristin Dayton

Community Presence

Provide an initial and consistent point of contact for family members to assist with identifying their most urgent needs following a catastrophic event.  This relationship does not have an expiration date, rather it is built upon and maintained to ensure our members always know who to turn to for assistance and guidance.

Photo: Gold Star Wife Kristin Dayton

NSOF funding children to attend the Adventure Park in Virginia Beach

Youth Programs

Childcare can be extremely difficult for many families to cope with during times of hardship, whether that be dealing with the loss of a loved one, a wounded warrior trying to rehabilitate, or just routine deployments.  We identify those in need and provide support for families to help alleviate this burden.

Our children deserve the utmost gratitude and respect for the sacrifices they make as their parents leave to fight the nation's battles and miss birthdays, holidays, and so many more memories that can never be recaptured.  We work aggressively to place them into the most exceptional programs available to help fill the void and develop the brightest futures.

Photo: NSOF funding children to attend the Adventure Park in Virginia Beach

Navy EOD LCDR Stephen Schwedhelm


We target personnel prior to separation/retirement from the Navy to ensure the most professional and effective transition possible through established and vetted programs.  It is critically important that our operators are presented with every opportunity available so that they may achieve the success they deserve following their selfless service to this nation.

Photo: Navy EOD LCDR Stephen Schwedhelm at a graduation ceremony from The Honor Foundation, an executive training program designed specifically for Special Operations personnel transitioning from the military.